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At Richard Ellis Design, we work closely with clients and designers throughout the process of choosing a fireplace and provide carefully tailored advice on design styles, materials, sizing & dimensions, heating units, and installation, based on over 40 years of expertise in the field.

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When considering the addition of a fireplace to a property, it is essential to discuss these intentions with a professional (usually an architect or builder) who is familiar with the local council and safety regulations, along with any necessary permits required. 

Once you have determined whether or not the inclusion of a fireplace is feasible, discussions about the style, design and accompanying heating unit can begin.

Interior designers, architects and builders will also be best placed to provide recommendations regarding the positioning of the fireplace (if there is no existing chimney at the property already).

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Once the design, material and details have been finalised and agreed upon, a draft of the selected fireplace/s is drawn up by our team or the architect, interior designer or builder involved. 

The scaled drawings include material specifications and dimensions as agreed upon and are then added building schedule.


Ideally, a site visit is preferable and would be arranged to inspect the proposed location of the fireplace. 

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When the final details and finishes are complete, the unassembled fireplace is delivered to the site where installation can proceed.

  • The fireplace/s are delivered to the site

  • In consultation with the client, architect/interior designer and builder, the installation team is organised for install.


A great amount of experience and care is required during the installation process to ensure the fireplace does not sustain any significant marks or damage. When nominating a contractor, we recommend a highly skilled and experienced team to carry out this step.​

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Richard Ellis Design has the largest range of customisable fireplace surrounds in Australia, and over 40 years of experience in the industry. 

In our initial consultation, we will establish the following; type of project (new build or renovation), style of the property, size limitations, lead times, budget, proposed heating unit, and the preferred materials and fireplace designs/styles.


We will then create a shortlist of recommended or bespoke designs for you to review and refine the selected fireplace/s during the design & drafting stage.

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While developing and building our fireplace surrounds, we monitor all aspects of the process, ensuring the best result for clients.  


We have a trusted network of material suppliers and personally source the highest quality stone from specialist quarries around the world.

  • Final approval on selected design/s by the client and the architect/interior designer and builder

  • Material specifications, fireplace design/s and technical drawings are given to the stonemasons and manufacturing team

  • Progress is closely monitored production


​We are dedicated to delivering exceptional products. To this end, we are constantly surveying the progress of each fireplace. Our quality assurance emphasises attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

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Once the fireplace has been finished and installed by a professional, styling the mantel and surrounding area can begin.