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The 5 Stages of Installing a Richard Ellis Fireplace

French fireplace design

Beauty - opulence - elegance.  

We all appreciate the dramatic transformation the introduction of a stone fireplace can make to a home.  What is often less clear, is the processes involved in achieving that final stunning result.  

For this reason, we have compiled a simple step by step guide to assist you in planning, budgeting and preparing for your magnificent new Richard Ellis Design fireplace.  

Our team bring over 40 years’ experience working with architects, interior designers and discerning clientele, and are the leading Australian experts in fireplace manufacture and installation. Richard Ellis fireplaces have featured in some of Australia’s most elite publications, endowing our clients’ homes with carefully crafted, bespoke designs.



The first step when considering integrating a fireplace into a home is to discuss your intentions with an architect.  They will be best placed to provide recommendations regarding size and positioning for optimal heating along with ideal chimney shaft dimensions.  

Gas fire manufacturers generally supply instructions and recommendations with their units.

It is also advisable to consult with your local council to discuss their regulations surrounding the installation of heating units and any relevant permits which may be required, prior to commencement. (both open and gas fireplaces.)

Once you are ready to proceed, the process of fireplace installation, from inception to completion, involves five main phases:


Initial Consultation

With the largest and most extensive range of customisable fireplaces on offer in Australia, deciding which Richard Ellis Design fireplace suits your home, room, style, and tastes can involve a degree of consideration.  

This ideally will involve a comprehensive private consultation with Richard Ellis, during which each element of the design will be optimised to your satisfaction.  At this time, Richard can personally hone down your requirements and wish list to identify the ideal fireplace for your home and lifestyle.  

Things which will be covered at this consultation are:

  • Style, dimensions, and design choices
  • Bespoke or customised detailing
  • Heating unit selection
  • Manufacture material (Marble, Limestone, Sandstone)
  • Budget
  • Timing

Early consultation and agreement surrounding the placement of the heating unit, how it will work within the living space to best advantage and achieving the desired ‘look’, can result in reduced costs and optimise the final outcome.  

Maintaining an open line of communication with your builder can avoid derailment due to unforeseen building issues at crucial points later in the building process.


Design Draft

Once the details have been finalised and agreed upon, it is then time to move on to drafting the selected design. This process involves:

  • Finalising all facets of selection
  • Initial scaled down drawings provided
  • Digital representation produced
  • Information passed on to relevant parties

The scaled drawing is provided to allow you to visualise the proposed fireplace and tweak your plans - ideally a site visit would be arranged to avoid issues in communication and ensure that you are part of the collaborative process

Once the drawings have been finalised, Richard Ellis will personally construct a digital representation of your fireplace design.  This final document will act as the basis from which your builder or architect will work - outlining comprehensive measurements and dimensions.


Construction & Development

During the construction and development phase, Richard Ellis Design monitors all aspects of the process, ensuring the best outcome for our clients.  

Much of our manufacturing is carried out in Australia but, due to logistics and availability of materials, we have a number of trusted suppliers and manufacturers that we work with overseas.

Steps involved in the construction and development period, are:

  • Final approval on design and plans by client / builder
  • Finalised design is sent to our manufacturing site
  • Richard Ellis Design closely monitors manufacturing progress

We are dedicated to delivering an exceptional product which will exceed your expectations.  To this end, we are constantly tracking and monitoring the progress of your fireplace - our quality assurance emphasises attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

Installation & Fitting

Once your magnificent new fireplace is ready, delivery and installation can proceed.

  • Fireplace is delivered to the site
  • In consultation with you and your builder, installation crew organised
  • Installation takes place

Richard Ellis Design has long-standing relationships with highly skilled and experienced contractors whom we can recommend for the installation.  Alternatively, we will work with your nominated installer.


Finishing Touches

Now that your new fireplace is sitting proudly as the centerpiece in your home, the artistry of blending it to become a pivotal point for all your interior decor can begin.

The finishing touches will be the part where you add your own personal stamp to your fireplace, endowing it with your character and style.  Since our stunning showpiece fireplaces draw the eye immediately, many clients choose to dress them with the traditional overmantle, gilt mirror.  The reflective surfaces dance in the light and enhance the feeling of space and depth.

Alternatively, the mantle can be used to display to best advantage select pieces of artwork, heirlooms or valuable collector pieces.  Any objects that you wish to highlight in a room will become focal points when used in unison with the fireplace.  Oil portraits hanging over a mantle add a touch of drama or conversely, floral arrangements can imbue traditional charm.

Homeowners and homebuyers alike, agree that the inclusion of a magnificent marble fireplace in a room adds to the home's desirability and value.

At Richard Ellis Design, we are the leaders in providing a hassle-free process which will seamlessly bring the stunning elegance and charm of a fireplace into your home--creating a timeless and lasting beauty and style.

Browse our gallery to view our comprehensive range of fireplaces and discover the beauty and distinction a Richard Ellis Design fireplace can bring to your home.  Seen something you love? Get in touch today or call us on (03) 9489 7654 to speak with one of our friendly consultants.