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Jun 11, 2018

Wood-Burning versus Gas Fireplaces

Designer fireplaces can enhance the aesthetic of any home while providing that much-needed warmth we all crave on long winter nights. When it comes to choosing the best fireplace for your home, however, there’s one important decision to be made – how your fireplace will be powered. Wood-burning fireplaces and modern gas fireplaces are two popular options.

It’s no secret that a crackling fire is the perfect place to enjoy your home during cold weather. How you enjoy your fireplace can depend on the style you opt for. Each one can have a different effect in terms of ambience, fuel and maintenance.

Here are some features of each one to think about when looking at wood-burning versus gas for your new fireplace.

Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Nothing is more authentic or cosy than sitting by flames dancing over hot coals and wood. A wood-burning fireplace brings antiquity to life and can add a real traditional feeling to your interior.

The key benefit of wood-burning styles is they run on wood, which is free. If you live in the country you can simply step outside and collect your own. Or, if you’d prefer, you can still purchase firewood cheaply from hardware or specialty stores. Just remember to use the right firewood to keep that fire burning brighter for longer.

Keep in mind that wood-burning fireplaces need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. After the fire is out, ash needs to be swept up to ensure wind that whistles through the chimney does not blow it through the room.

Gas Fireplaces

Modern gas fireplaces use a newer heat-efficient technology that makes roaring fires easier and faster to achieve.

The first obvious advantage is there is no wood to be collected or found. No wood also means no mess to clean up from ash, soot, or creosote from chimneys. Virtually no maintenance is required for a nicely burning fire and a warm and cosy room.

Gas fireplaces can be placed anywhere in the house because they don’t need chimneys for venting. You don’t need to wait for your fire to start burning brightly, either. Simply push the button and enjoy instant warmth, much like a gas-powered stove.

The gas fireplace does use natural gas which is not free. However, gas is very cheap. It does not quite live up to the same old-fashioned feel of the wood fire, but it is still cosy, and definitely a lot more convenient for some families.

Wood-burning fireplaces and gas fireplaces are both great choices for contemporary homes. To find out more about which is right for you, call us today on (03) 9489 7654 or contact us here.