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Oct 10, 2018

Why You Should Opt for a Wood Fireplace

Is there anything more magical than wood crackling and smouldering away? A wooden fireplace with the right surrounds is the ultimate luxury in a home. Anyone that has owned one will know the type of mood it creates. On a cold, wintery night everyone can gather around one source of heat and talk the night away.

So, with electric and gas options available, why should you go with wood?

The Ambience

While wood and electric options mirror the look of a wood fireplace, the feeling just isn’t the same. When wood burns, it has the unique look, sound and scent. It affects all the senses in a way that gas and electric options don't.

This unique ambience is created by the primal instinct that a wood fire taps into. We have used fire to survive forever, and that natural connection creates the ultimate in relaxation.

Natural Heating

It doesn’t matter if your electricity goes out, or your gas line is affected, you can still enjoy warmth. This also makes a wood fireplace perfect for anyone seeking to live life ‘off-grid.’ You can burn as much wood as you like without worrying about what it’s doing to your gas and electricity bill – and with power prices on the rise, maybe that type of saving could make a real difference.

Learning the Different Woods

No two kinds of wood are the same, and they all bring different benefits. It's a lot of fun sampling different types until you find your favourite. You'll notice that some classes are long-burning so you can throw them in the fire and they’ll provide warmth all night. You can also find quick-burning woods if you need a quick dose of heat, and for something extra-special, choose an aromatic timber and fill your home with incredible scents.


Most of us live a life that is far too sedentary. One of the drawbacks of a wood fire is that you have to chop wood and load the fire, but if you're looking for a little incidental exercise that could be an advantage. Chopping wood is fantastic exercise, and it could make a massive difference to your health.


If you buy sustainable firewood, your fire will have no carbon footprint. Gas and electric fireplaces rely on fossil fuels, and the ever-present danger of climate change means we all need to avoid these fuel sources wherever possible.

Some other benefits include:

  • Reduce energy costs: Once you’ve bought the wood, your fire is free.
  • Cooking: Your fireplace doubles as a marshmallow roasting, and even sausage and potato cooking pit!
  • Cosy: Nothing is cosier than wood, and every house should be cosy.
  • Imagine nights with some wine, a movie and your significant other in front of the fire. That’s the kind of magic you deserve in your home.

If you want a wood fireplace, you need the fireplace surrounds to really make it work. We offer a vast range of hand-carved surrounds that will make your fireplace a design piece of your home.

We also offer the accessories you need to make building a fire easy and safe.