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Sep 15, 2017

Warming Wisdom: 6 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Fireplace

The beauty and majesty of an open fireplace is a universally desirable addition and enhancement to any home--increasing both its aesthetic charm and value.  Selecting the correct fireplace, and if building new, incorporating the design into your new home, can take a little planning but is well worth the effort.  


Starting from scratch

If you are building a new home and wish to introduce a stunning centrepiece fireplace into your living, dining or bedrooms, begin at the planning stage.

To achieve best results, consider the placement of the unit to optimise the ‘look’ you are going for. At Richard Ellis Design, we can work in consultation with your plans to produce a showpiece which is optimally suited to your home and lifestyle.


Heat Sources

The smell and ambience of a wood fireplace is a unique delight to the senses.  However, many people are turning to cleaner, more efficient alternatives, such as the faux gas log fireplace which provides many of the positives of a wood burning fire without the same structural or ventilation requirements.

In a survey of homebuyers regarding their preferences of wood over electric, the wood burning fireplace was edged out, with slight preference given to gas fireplaces. Electric fireplaces fell well down the list.


Style Sense

At Richard Ellis, we have a range of superb fireplace surrounds to complement any style of home from contemporary to classic--each design exudes quality, luxury and elegance.  Our wide range of choices include:

Selecting the ideal style to suit both your tastes and the era of your home can be overwhelming with so many stunning designs to choose from.  Whilst consideration needs to be given to the origins of a home, many eras and styles crossover/interchange remarkably well.

Our team of knowledgeable consultants can assist in advising you of the styles which will work best with your rooms and overall home aesthetic.


Surfaces and surrounds

A fireplace surround whilst needing to be aesthetically pleasing also serves a practical purpose.  As it will be exposed to the rigours of high temperatures, direct heat and frequent use over long periods of time, its material must be of a high quality, non-combustible and durable.

For these reasons, we recommend stone as the ideal material for a fireplace and hearth.  Those best fitted for the job are:

  • Marble
  • Sandstone
  • Limestone

The majesty of a natural stone fireplace makes the ultimate statement to a home, imbuing it with elegance whilst adapting to multiple eras and styles.  Unlike other materials, stone is easy to clean and will remain in pristine condition for years to come.


Size Matters

Modern homes often have established heating systems such as gas ducted heating.  These heat the whole home and are usually an all or nothing option.

The inclusion of a magnificent fireplace provides both supplementary heat and aesthetic beauty.  By strategic zoning, a fireplace can create a localised heat source, negating the need to heat the whole home.

With this in mind, assessment needs to be made as to the size of the space which requires heating and the capacity to section it off--this will provide the answer as to the size of the heating unit you will require.

Aesthetically, the fireplace should be a commanding feature in a room, but not intrusive to the exclusion of all else.  At Richard Ellis Design, the size and layout of rooms are assessed in the design phase to deliver a product which is both functional and visually appealing.


Permits and laws

If a fireplace is being introduced to plans for a new home, your builder may be responsible for organising any permits required.

For those incorporating a fireplace into an established home, contact should be made with the local council to clarify laws surrounding permits, fire safety issues and requirements for both gas and wood-burning fireplaces.


At Richard Ellis Design, a member of our friendly, knowledgeable design team will ideally visit your home and work with you to bring to life a fireplace design perfectly suited to your needs. Alternatively, for those interstate, contact us to discuss your needs. We also carry a range of interchangeable accessories and fire grates to add the finishing touches to your masterpiece. So, to find the ideal fireplace for your home, explore our beautiful, opulent range of completed projects and get inspired today!