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Feb 06, 2019

The Hottest Fireplace Surround Style Trends for 2019

Design trends change every year. With 2019
well and truly upon us, it’s time to gather your intel on the current trends,
and fireplace surrounds
are the perfect place to start. Fireplaces are surprisingly easy to upgrade, so
the look of your fireplace can be continually upgraded to suit your current

Let’s take a look at the fireplace designs
that will be trending this year, and then keep those designs in mind when it
comes to updating your home.

18th Century Inspiration

Fireplace surrounds inspired by the Georgian era will, once again, be popular. These designs suit both the modern and the heritage home. This design is minimalist enough to satisfy even the pickiest decorator but can also carry the elegance and attention to detail that is so necessary for a period-style room.

Go French

Scandinavia has become the hotspot of
design, but the French still more than hold their own when it comes to setting
trends. If you love the way our Gallic friends go about decorating, you should
definitely look into a French-style
surround for your mantlepiece

You could choose a Louis 14th design for something grand, opulent and elegant, or even a Provincial style made of limestone for something a little more earthy.

Victorian Never Goes Out of Style

The beauty of the Victorian period is that it ushered in a wide variety of styles. From minimalist to ornate, you’ll find something perfect for your needs. Black colours and marble are perfect for modern style homes, while a white colour can work well in almost anything from a coastal property to something rustic.

Contemporary and Retro

and retro style fireplace surrounds
an abundance of interplay with one another. A
good retro surround
or mantlepiece will provide a healthy salute to
the past, while still carrying plenty of fresh energy. Look for clean lines,
plenty of character and high-end materials such as marble.

When it comes to contemporary designs, don’t go for something too outlandish. Your fireplace surround is an investment that should last – so go with something you can live with forever.

Don’t Forget The Accessories

So many people install beautiful fireplace surrounds
only to ruin the scene by failing to replace the dirty old grate or upgrade the
old, burnt stick that has functioned as a stoker. Your fireplace will be the
centrepiece of the room, so 2019 is the year to go all out. Exceed your design
ambitions with accessories
that are functional and beautiful.

When choosing your fireplace surround, it's
essential you take the design of your home into account. It's easy to make a
decision based on the fireplace surround that ‘jumps out at you’, but such a
choice can create disharmony within your home by adding a surround or
mantlepiece that just doesn't flow. The choice of fireplace surround may need
to avoid certain colours, or even materials, in order to suit your
heritage-styled home or even an ultra-modern home.

A good rule of thumb is to choose crisp and
clean for a modern feel, or ornate and even a little rustic for a period feel.