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Apr 07, 2017

Period Fireplaces In Contemporary Homes

A common misconception when it comes to design is that interiors must be one particular style.  Often we receive queries from clients wondering whether the period fireplace in their home will suit a more contemporary or modern interior, the short answer is; they absolutely can. More often than not, period fireplaces actually look better than an ultra modern fireplaces because of the character and focal point they create in a space. But, how many styles are too many?

When mixing a number of styles it’s best to keep in mind the ‘Rule of Three’. The Rule of Three denotes combining or mixing a maximum of 3 styles in a house to avoid your home’s interior looking as though it were decorated by a blindfolded chimp. It is important to remember when following this rule that two of the styles must have similar levels of detail and the third a more plain or neutral component.


Image (Left) courtesy of: Fiona Lynch Design Office
Image (Right) courtesy of: Kasia Gatkowska for Vogue

Victorian fireplaces may well be the most diverse types of period fireplace, lending themselves to a variety of trendy modern and contemporary interiors. Pictured top left is an interior by Melbourne designer Fiona Lynch who has successfully combined period, scandinavian and contemporary styles to give the room a wonderful fresh aesthetic. To the right, an image of fashion designer Simone Rocha’s living room, who has taken a more minimalist but equally considered approach to her more classically inspired interior.


Image (Left) courtesy of: Felix Forest for Maison Hand
Image (Right) courtesy of: Bara Perglova

Similarly, French fireplaces from the 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th centuries also make for wonderful features in contemporary spaces, and in some cases, can even look marvellous in minimalist interiors too. Pictured top left is an image of an interior by French design outfit Maison Hand who have seamlessly blended period detailing with contemporary style. To the right, an image of an interior by French architect Joseph Dirand who has also mastered the art of combining period features with modern elements.

Fireplaces not only serve as a focal point but offer detail, warmth, texture, and scale to a room. If you’re considering building a new home or renovation and wanting to include a period fireplace but aren’t sure whether it will work, get in touch with us for a consultation.