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May 18, 2017

How To Style Your Mantelpiece

So you have yourself a fireplace, now what?

How you decide to decorate your mantelpiece will depend largely on the style interior you have, so, we’ve compiled some simple but effective mantelpiece decor ideas that can be tweaked according to your taste and interior.


As far as having a favourite way of styling a mantlepiece, using a mirror would have to be up there. Whether you have it hanging from your wall or sitting atop the mantelpiece directly, mirrors are great for making a space seem larger and brighter by reflecting any light that enters the room. Hot tip; mirrors can also can be used in conjunction with other household objects like vases and frames too!


An eclectic mis-matched collection of frames can also be a fantastic focal point above your fireplace, especially when you’re having trouble choosing just the one piece of artwork to hang. Similarly to a mirror, you can hang your frames from the wall or layer them in front of one another to create a trendy gallery wall. Don’t be afraid to play around with different shapes and sizes!

Plant Life & Flowers

Using plants and/or flowers are a fabulous way of breathing life into your space and mantel display. Dried branches, bright bouquets of flowers or luscious green leaves are all excellent starting points for a centrepiece or, an asymmetrical arrangement. Alternatively, to keep in line with this year’s design trends, source yourself some small textured terracotta pots or dark glass vases and pair with some deep green indoor plants! Who said being on trend had to be difficult…


If you’re the type that prefers a simpler approach to mantel styling i.e having a single focal point above your fireplace, then this is the trick for you. When choosing your artwork, be sure to choose a piece that ties in with the surrounding space; your artwork must share a common colour, tone or texture to another element in the room. This isn’t to say you can’t have a bright artwork in an otherwise monochrome or neutral room, it may be for example, the frame is the aspect that ties or joins it to the rest of the room one way or another.

The Mantelpiece-Bookshelf

Truth be told, this is styling idea is also a thinly veiled, but brilliant storage solution! Your mantelpiece can also be used as a great spot to store a collection of your favourite old books either horizontally, vertically or even a combination of both.

For more ideas and inspiration on how you can style your mantelpiece, check out the Richard Ellis Design mood board on Pinterest.

All images courtesy of Pinterest.