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Jan 24, 2019

How to Hang a TV Above Your Fireplace

Thinking about hanging a TV above your fireplace? This is a great design idea, which is particularly suited to the modern home where spaces are shrinking. You really need to make the most of every little inch available.

Of course, hanging something so expensive
and delicate over something so hot does throw up a few logistical issues. It’s
definitely not just a matter of finding the stub and bolting that mounting
stand on.

Where there is a will there is a way, and
here are a few pointers on how to pull off this feat.

Understand the Delicacy of a TV

Although you can pick them up quite cheaply
these days, flat screen TVs are comprised of complex electronics and extremely
fragile glass. All of these things can be seriously affected by heat. So, you
need to make sure that you’re hanging your TV high enough above your fireplace
that it won’t be affected.

A good rule of thumb is to treat your TV
like a priceless piece of art. If you would be worried about your favourite
canvas in the same position, you should be worried about your TV.

Get the Tape Measure Out

Don’t just guess the height of
installation. The heat from your fireplace can decrease the life of your TV, so
measure once and measure again. You need to measure from the top of your mantel
or the top of your surrounds
and ensure the TV is hung at least 30 centimetres away.

Create Versatile Viewing Options

The main issue with mounting a TV above
your fireplace is that it will sit a lot higher than a regularly-mounted TV.
This can create the same problems as you get when you're forced to sit in the
front row of the movies. You may end up with a stiff, sore neck.

By placing your TV on a moveable mount, you
can tilt it down for more comfortable viewing, or even tilt it on an angle so
you can watch it from all around the house. Never miss a moment of the footy,
watch TV while you’re cooking, or pop it at the perfect level for Nan.
Everything is better when you can control the viewing experience.

Try Before You Decide

The best way to get everything nice and
perfect is to make a mock-up of your TV. Just get a piece of paper or cardboard
the same size as your TV and put it in place to test everything out. See how it
looks from all angles, make sure it suits your surrounds and see if it affects
the flow of the room. If everything seems good, you're almost ready to get the
drill out.

Don’t Forget a Heat Test

If you've invested in a really expensive
TV, it's well worth doing a radiant heat test. This is a simple test, just
light the fire and place your hand where the TV will sit. If it feels
considerably hotter than the rest of the room, your TV will be at risk, and you
should reconsider the plan.

Consider a Recessed Niche

If you’re still concerned about radiant heat issues, you may want to investigate a recessed niche, into which you can mount your television. Not only will a recessed niche protect your TV from any radiant heat, it also provides for greater ventilation and ensure your TV is perfectly framed.