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Sep 24, 2018

Fireplace Design Ideas: How to Choose a Fireplace to Match Your Décor

A fireplace is one of the most impactful elements you can add to a room. It instantly transforms the space, creating a sense of grandeur and providing a focal point. The fireplace becomes the centre of your décor design, as well as a cosy, warm space around which your friends, family and guests can gather.

When deciding upon such an essential design element, you need to ensure that it suits your décor and the overall design scheme of your property. Use these tips, and you’ll find the perfect fireplace for your décor. Just remember these rules:

  • If it's smooth, sleek and clean, it will work with the modern and contemporary
  • Go ornate and detailed for heritage-styled rooms
  • Keep it basic, worn and pared back for rustic or industrial spaces

Here’s how you can make that happen.

Limestone Fireplaces

Limestone fireplaces are trending at the moment, with the material being celebrated for its understated aesthetics. This material is perfect for minimalist décor when the fireplace is designed with clean lines, and squared edges.

It can also work in heritage-styled rooms, especially with a more ornately-designed style, like a French, or Georgian design.

The natural look of the stone makes it look high-end and designer, so you really cannot go wrong with limestone.

Marble Fireplaces

There's a reason marble has been one of the go-to design materials for centuries. It makes an impact, and it is luxurious. There's nothing quite like the appearance and finish of marble, and it will elevate almost any room.

While it is opulent, it can be used in minimalist and modern designs, as long as the lines are kept clean and sleek.

Sandstone Fireplaces

Sandstone is perfect for coastal or Mediterranean-styled properties. It works well as a fireplace option because it picks up the glow of the fire and creates a lovely warm look. It can work equally well in modern or contemporary homes, depending on the styling you go for.

Travertine Fireplaces

Travertine is an excellent choice because it offers incredible versatility and works with all types of homes. The natural beauty of travertine creates warmth, and the colour variations make your fireplace an endlessly exciting spectacle. Travertine can also be a very calming material, it brings a sense of the outdoors inside, and it looks bespoke because of the craftsmanship required to create it.

Leave it unpainted and unpolished if you're working with a rustic, homestead or even industrial-style room, or polish and treat it to keep it nice and sleek.


If you’re working with a smaller room, sometimes a larger fireplace design can create clutter and use up valuable space. This is where a simple beam solution can come in handy. Beams can be made from a variety of materials, they are still a fantastic design solution and they won’t use up any precious space.

Beams also work in any type of décor or design scheme, just select your favourite material and start decorating.