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Dec 23, 2020

An Essential Guide to Fireplace Tools and Accessories

To keep your fire warm and blazing for as long as possible, it’s important to have the right fireplace tools at the ready. Not only are these tools functional but they can add a nice decorative touch to your hearth too.

Here is our guide to essential fireplace tools and accessories that will help you get the most out of your fires.


The fireplace tool that comes to most minds first is the poker. This is perfect for adjusting burning logs to increase the flame’s oxygen exposure, helping it burn longer.

The best pokers are long and have an insulated handle to protect your hands from burns.

Ash Bucket and Shovel

Vacuuming after every fire can be tedious. Instead, having an ash bucket and shovel makes the clean-up process far simpler. Use the shovel to scoop up ash and coal and dispose of it in the bucket. This is a low maintenance clean-up option as the ash bucket only needs to be emptied on occasion.

The best spades are long enough to keep your hands away from the heat. Meanwhile, thick and textured handles help maximise your control.

Tongs or Fireplace Gloves

Tongs serve a similar purpose to the poker by moving logs around to increase air flow. However, tongs allow you to pick up and place a log in a particular spot where it’ll help your fire burn more intensely.

When choosing your tongs, ensure they are strong enough to lift large logs while still easy to flex with one hand.

Meanwhile, fireplace gloves are similar to tongs and ideal for stubborn logs that you can’t manoeuvre easily from a distance. Nothing beats the log-moving dexterity of your own hands.

Fireplace Brush

A brush is essential for ridding your hearth and fireplace walls of build-up from wood and ash. Small and round brushes are perfect for reaching crevices and achieving a thorough clean. However, wider brushes will sweep ash away most efficiently.

Getting one of each will make the sweeping process as easy as possible.

Fireplace Screen

A fireplace screen is both an aesthetic addition to your sitting room and an important safety measure. A screen will prevent hot debris, embers and ash from reaching your carpet or furniture and starting a fire. Less catastrophic but still important, a screen will stop debris from staining and damaging the floor in front of the fire too.

If you’re thinking of embellishing your fireplace with accessories, Richard Ellis Design can help with fire grates or even redesigning your fireplace. Get in touch with Australia’s leading experts in fireplace manufacturing today.