Our range of over 300 fireplace designs form six distinctive collections; French Classical, French Provincial, Modern & Contemporary, Victorian, Georgian & Regency and Tudor. The name of each collection refers to the period from which the design was influenced by. We also have a number of original designs to be found in our Modern & Contemporary range. Using the filters, you can narrow your search to individual collections, before adding further filters to find specific styles in each.

Bolection Moulds & Architraves denote a type of fireplace. The structure of a Bolection Mould or Architrave is that of a frame which sits against a flat surface as a decorative feature.


While this type of surround does not typically have a mantel, some designs can be paired with a shelf or cushion moulding if you wish to add decorative items above the fireplace. Bolection Moulds & Architraves can be filtered by style and feature in several collections.