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Richard Ellis Design is Australia's most well-known and trusted supplier of marble and limestone fireplace surrounds and mantels. Based in Melbourne, we are a small family-owned operation servicing clients and projects all around Australia.

Richard Ellis is considered an expert in his field with over 40 years of experience and knowledge of the history, manufacture, design, styles and installation of fireplaces and mantels.


1980 - 2022


We work exclusively with the highest-quality natural stones, which are sourced from specialist quarries, and then carefully crafted and carved by hand. In addition to our bespoke fireplace offering, our range of fireplace surrounds include styles inspired by classical & traditional eras and modern & contemporary styles.

We work with architects, interior designers, decorators, builders, and clients to create the perfect fireplace surround and mantel for each unique home.

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The Richard Ellis Design story began in the 1980s when Richard dealt in antiques and architectural prints. Shortly after establishing himself in the antique world, Richard then began sourcing antique marble fireplaces on buying trips to London and importing them back to Australia, where he would restore them for sale.

Once the techniques involved with the restoration and repair of antique fireplace surrounds had been finessed and a  market was established, it soon followed that Richard was manufacturing his own original fireplace designs and growing the extensive range of traditional, classical and contemporary styles available today.




Richard Ellis

Founding Director

& Designer

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Maddy Ellis

Brand & Marketing

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Karl Dickson

Master of Stone


Woody Ellis

Office Mascot & Quality Assurance