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Sep 27, 2018

The Benefits of Gas Fireplaces

A gas fireplace, with a beautiful fireplace surround, is the perfect addition to any home. People have an intimate connection with fire, and gas fireplaces offer all the therapeutic effects of a wood fire, without some of the drawbacks. Here’s what you can expect to gain as a result of installing a gas fireplace. Consistent […]

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Jun 11, 2018

Wood-Burning versus Gas Fireplaces

Designer fireplaces can enhance the aesthetic of any home while providing that much-needed warmth we all crave on long winter nights. When it comes to choosing the best fireplace for your home, however, there’s one important decision to be made – how your fireplace will be powered. Wood-burning fireplaces and modern gas fireplaces are two […]

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Jun 11, 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Fireplace Regulations in Australia

When it comes time to install a new fireplace in your home, there are a few things of which you need to be aware. The most important of which is ticking off the fireplace regulations in your area. Australia has several standards and requirements in place to keep you and your family safe – so […]

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