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Mar 21, 2018

Absolutely Marble-ous! What Theme Does A Marble Fireplace Set In Your Home?

No matter which house it’s in, a hand-carved marble fireplace makes a statement. It can be proud, regal or romantic. It can be cool or warm. It can be elegantly minimal or wonderfully intricate. Whichever superlative you choose, one thing is certain – a marble fireplace is never boring.   Renaissance Romance Trying to channel […]

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Mar 01, 2018

Best Facade Forward – How to Frame a Living Space to Compliment Your New Fireplace

Symbolically, a fireplace is a place of tradition, a place to relieve stress, a place to gather the family, and a place of both figurative and literal warmth. Though your fireplace might not give the most heat as needed, it stretches into adding something quintessentially homey to a living space, master suite or den. However, […]

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Feb 05, 2018

From Fireplaces to Finesse – How to Add a Dash of Regality to Your Interiors

Crafting the perfect interiors is an art Bringing together a blend of styles, colours and tastes; the ideal home, as with any form of artistry, is undeniably subjective. Because of this subjectivity, how you decide to decorate each room can say quite a bit about both who you are and what you are aspiring to. […]

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